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First Responders

  • Secured annual funding for a state match program for bullet proof vests to local law enforcement; $28 million in state bonds for new Department of Public Safety facilities, and authorize off-duty use of uniforms/weapons by law enforcement for private employment.
  • Worked on landmark legislation, the first of its kind in the country, allowing law enforcement and fire fighters to have state supported cancer funding that will help save their lives
  • Passed the largest pay increase in State Trooper history
  • Fought to pass “Felony to Flee” legislation and the “Castle Doctrine
  • Created a Line of Duty Death Benefit Fund for families of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty and helped pass upgrades to the program that now track federal law.
  • Closed an eleven year old loophole in the Chop Shop Act

Economic Development

  • Advocated for onshore gaming that allowed casinos to move inland and build within 800 feet of the waterfront – the law helped save this $2.2 billion industry.
  • Provided $63 million in bonding authority to create the Capitol City Convention Center
  • Delivered $6 million in state bonds for the Farish Street Entertainment District for infrastructure
  • Created the Tourism Incentive Program to provide sales tax rebates to new and improved tourist facilities creating jobs and revenue
  • Developed and passed the groundbreaking Mississippi Movie/Film Incentive Act – and several amendments improving that program in years to follow.
  • Provided $11.7 million in bonds for renovations to the Mississippi Memorial Stadium
  • A successful Special Session for $150 million in state tax incentives for the $2.9 billion dollar “Riverbend Project”
  • Obtained $5 million in state bonds for the City of Southaven infrastructure improvements

Health Care

  • Successfully secured $6 million in critical pandemic funding for the purchase and storage of antivirals for a pharmaceutical company
  • Member of the first Mississippi Human Trafficking Task Force, Legislative Committee
  • Mandated the first sexual assault evidence collection kit tracking system to ensure rape kits are tested.
  • Created a Hepatitis C study among statewide health care officials
  • Protected pharmceutical drug costs based on years of R&D and associated expenses.
  • Passed an organ donation income tax credit

Everything Else

  • Defended against increased taxes for gaming and business clients
  • Passed landmark Storm Water Drainage Districts Act
  • Obtained $1 million in state bonds for a youth leadership program
  • Passed legislation that allows for the construction of brew pubs
  • Helped get almost $1 million in monies for the Cal Ripken, Sr., Foundation
  • Obtained $2 million in state bonds for the Mississippi Children’s Museum

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