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Donna C. Echols, PhD

  • Earned her PhD in public administration from Jackson State University and was an EPA Fellow throughout her coursework. Recipient of the national Olsten Scholarship Award in human resources when she finished a master’s in public policy at Mississippi State University.
  • Awarded the Top 40 Under 40 for business achievements. Received the Top 50 Business Women award for successful accomplishments by women.
  • Successfully lobbying on behalf of clients for over 20 years. A team member you can trust with all your needs.
  • Raised over $3 million in disaster relief for firefighters and law enforcement after devastating hurricanes and tornadoes in Mississippi. Continues to fund raise and help in other ways when fellow Mississippians are in need from natural disasters.
  • Published photographer in the Clarion Ledger, Sun Herald, Trooper & NRA magazines, and other publications.
  • Proud mom of two sons, Denver and Jake.


The Echols Group

Giving back helps make Mississippi a better place.

Launched Candlelight Vigil for Fallen Heroes

After visiting the National Law Enforcement Memorial services in DC, I wanted to do more to honor Mississippi’s Fallen Heroes. In 2010 with help from the Chiefs of Police Associaiton, we started the Fallen Officers Candlelight Vigil to honor our fallen. We will never forget.

Founder First Responders Legislative Caucus

Wanting to showcase the needs and hard work of firefighters and law enforcement, I created a legislative caucus with the help of House and Senate members. We host lunches and bring first responders in to talk about legislation they need to make their jobs safer and lives easier.

Magical Moments

When I’m not lobbying at the Mississippi Capitol, I’m looking at life through the lens of my camera. From wildlife to architecture and friends, there are magical moments in every photograph. I’m published in several state and national magazines and newspapers.

ABOut The Firm

Remember . . . When results matter, you need The Echols Group!

Earning a PhD in public administration requires trouble shooting issues, predicting potential problems and developing solutions, discipline, patience, tenacity, integrity, honor, and intellect. These are also the principles we apply when lobbying. With a proven ability to rapidly assess a situation and provide a workable plan of action, we successfully get results for you.