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The Echols Group, a Mississippi lobbying firm, will work to effectively communicate your needs to legislators right here in Mississippi. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, small business, an association, a city or county… when results matter, you need The Echols Group.

Over 20 Years Experience

Armed with a doctorate in public administration and over 20 years experience at the Mississippi Capitol, The Echols Group will gets results.

Donna Echols, The Echols Group, Owner

The Echols Group

Success Stories

A few samples of our successes at the Mississippi Capitol.

Gaming Victory

Onshore gaming law allowed Mississippi casinos to build within 800’ of the waterfront. This saved a billion industry. Passed brew pub legislation to allow gaming companies to brew their own brands. Protected gaming from extra taxes so they could keep thriving as of the largest employers in the state.


Emergency stockpile of anti-virals funded by the state. Established Film and Tourism Incentive Programs. State funded bulletproof vests for police. Largest pay raise in the history of the Highway Patrol. Landmark legislation for firefighters and police with the First Responders Health and Safety Act.

Job Creation

Millions in funding for projects that create jobs and economic benefit for local and state government. Some of those projects: Capitol City Convention Center, Southaven infrastructure funds for a major shopping center, Farish Street improvements, Mississippi Memorial Stadium to name a few.

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