About Us

The Echols Group

Started in 1992 as a small, general consulting firm. They focus on the quality of services provided to a manageable number of clients.
When results matter:

  • Count on sixteen years of experience;
  • Developing a winning edge under the dome.
Donna Echols

Using precision and skill, Donna always hits her mark for the client.

Who is Donna C. Echols, Ph.D., ABD?

  • Named “Top 50 Businesswomen in Mississippi,” and the first contract lobbyist selected;
  • Received the “Top 40 Under 40” award for business achievements;
  • Winner of a Pollie Award for campaign efforts in getting the Capitol City Convention Center passed in a voter referendum;
  • EPA Fellow while pursuing her doctoral degree in public administration;
  • Recipient of a National Olsten Scholarship in human resources when she earned a master’s in public policy.
  • After Hurricane Katrina devastated South Mississippi, Echols turned her talents from lobbying to fund raising.
  • She co-founded the MS Law Enforcement and Fire Fighter Katrina Relief Fund;
  • Received a MS Highway Patrol Service Award for her contributions to the relief fund;
  • Co-producer for the Back-Up-the-Badge telethon;
  • Documented the rescue of an 81-year-old woman from the rubble of her home and the reunion months later with the woman and her rescuers;
  • Raised over $2.5 million in direct, in-kind, and equipment donations, and continues helping disaster relief and preparedness projects.

Doctoral work in public policy administration greatly enhances her ability to identify, define, and expand issues important to her clients. She was an EPA Fellow while completing her doctoral level course work. Echols develops a broad coalition of support, sometimes going against conventional wisdom and status quo, to achieve a successful end result. She has a keen ability for trouble shooting an issue and predicting potential problems and anticipating their positive solutions. She has a proven ability to rapidly assess a situation, provide a workable plan of action, and develop pockets of support to achieve the desired outcome. Remember… When results matter, you need The Echols Group!