Key Leadership Positions and Committee Members Named in Senate

The Mississippi Legislature started their session earlier this month.  Because this session falls after statewide elections, we will have a 120 day session.  For the duration of everyone’s four-year term, each legislative session after this will be 90 days.  The extended time allowed for this first session is so that newly elected members can learn the rules and process.

Last week, Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves, our newly elected leader of the state senate, released the names of key legislative chairmen and Senate committee assignments.  His appointments have received accolades from business leaders, decision makers, lobbyists, media, and others.  He drew upon experience, crossed party lines, and chose committee leaders are from all across Mississippi.  Lt. Gov. Reeves has held true to his campaign comments that he wants everyone to work together to make Mississippi a better place to live and to work.  His top priority is creating good-paying high-quality jobs for Mississippians.  Judging from the great group of folks that he has tapped to lead committees, looks like Lt. Gov. Reeves is off to a great start!  (House is expected to name their chairmen and committee members this week.)  For a link to the Senate committee chairmen and committee members, please click here.

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