Everybody Is a Lobbyist!

January 17, 2012  |  Latest News,Lobbying 101

Identifying the Problem

Are you surprised by the headline?  Well, ever go home and you want to eat out instead of cook?  You lobby your way into eating out by doing one or more of the following:  1) honey, I’m really tired tonight; 2) they’re having a special on steaks tonight at XYZ restaurant; 3) wouldn’t it be nice not to have to clean up the kitchen; 4) let’s go out to eat at your favorite restaurant tonight; and 5) we’ve both worked really hard this week, so let’s go out instead of cooking at home.

More Examples

YOU just lobbied your way out of your kitchen and straight into your favorite local restaurant for dinner!   Not convinced?  Ever get a group of friends together to go see a movie and y’all can’t decide on what to go see?  You take the lead and talk about what actor is starring in the movie you want to see.  You talk about the critic reviews on the movie.  You might even say that this is the best action movie out in years.  So, you convince your friends to see the movie that you were interested in.  Just another example of how you lobbied your friends about what movie y’all go see.

Putting Strategy to Work for You

Lobbying at the Capitol is no different.  1) You identify your issue (eating out); 2) develop your talking points (tired, sale, clean kitchen); and 3) keep pushing your point about whatever the issue might be.

Whether convincing a friend to see a certain movie, a child to clean their room, or the boss for a raise, we all lobby to get things that we want and need.  Now this Mississippi lobbyist wants to know what restaurant are we going to tonight?

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