Monthly Archives: January 2012

“Tweet”y Bird Gets Noticed

What’s all the flutter about the little blue bird? Twitter, tweet, tweeting, tweeted… What in the world?  Do you follow me, do I follow you?  Are we talking about birds and stalkers here?  No, we’re talking about what 175 million …
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Everybody Is a Lobbyist!

Identifying the Problem Are you surprised by the headline?  Well, ever go home and you want to eat out instead of cook?  You lobby your way into eating out by doing one or more of the following:  1) honey, I’m …
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Key Leadership Positions and Committee Members Named in Senate

The Mississippi Legislature started their session earlier this month.  Because this session falls after statewide elections, we will have a 120 day session.  For the duration of everyone’s four-year term, each legislative session after this will be 90 days.  The …
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