Image of Donna Echols

Donna Echols, PhD. ABD

When results matter, you need to have a team member like The Echols Group representing you. A general consulting firm with extensive experience in government relations, grassroots and grasstops consulting, and strategic planning, we get the job done. We focus on governmental relations- you know, the fourth branch of government kind of stuff – lobbying.

Whether you are a business, an association, a city or county, we have your back at the Mississippi Capitol. 

  • We’re there when they turn the lights on … and until the last person leaves at night;
  • Making sure legislative decision makers know what’s on your mind and what’s important to you;
  • You get a team member that’s 24/7. When it comes to issues that matter to you, timing is critical;
  • Need more proof? Our list of successes speaks for itself.

Tim McGraw has a chorus in a song that says, “I think it’s time to come together; you and I can make a change. Maybe we can make a difference; make the world a better place.” We take that to heart because your issues are critical to the well being of your business, association, or local government. With 174 members of the Mississippi Legislature having to read through an average of 4,000 pieces of legislation, you and The Echols Group can come together and make a difference. When results matter, call The Echols Group!